Economic and technical consulting – partly in combination with legal advice and counsel – have experienced rapid growth in recent years. Our experience in the telecommunications sector has shown that legal, economic and technical support for companies are all inextricably linked. Many legal proceedings cannot be conducted without an economic input. Important findings gained from technical and economic analyses cannot be implemented in practice without legal support. This conclusion is one that we have clearly recognised, which is why we have established specialised consulting activities for legal issues on the one hand and for economic and technical issues on the other. Our law firm and our consulting agency work very closely together in order to continue our aim of tackling problems jointly within the scope of an integrated consulting approach resulting in the best possible benefits for our clients. This approach has proved to be an important success factor in large consulting projects conducted abroad, particularly with regulatory authorities.

At the same time, however, the combination of economics and technology alone is frequently an important combination for many projects. The reform and review of technical and organisational processes combined with an economic assessment may be quoted as an example in this context, as may business planning projects conducted on the basis of sound technical knowledge and relating to prices and products. Our consultants have been able to gain experience and make good use of their knowledge in a wide variety of fields, such as the following:

  • Business and regulatory strategy consulting with respect to the rollout of fibre optic networks
  • Contract management for interconnection and unbundling
  • Strategy consulting with respect to the concept of regionalization of telecommunications markets
  • Analysis and support regarding the likely changes brought about by the EU 2010 review process
  • Market definition and analysis according to telecommunications law specified in the EU Regulatory Framework 2002
  • Consulting services for market participants and regulatory authorities in implementing the 2003 Telecommunications Act
  • Support for an operator in the auction proceedings for WiMAX frequencies
  • Official opinion on expert report by federal network agency (BNetzA) group concerning NGN and IP Interconnect
  • Setting up and marketing a telecommunications network throughout Germany
  • Establishment and operation of the wholesale sector of an alternative German carrier
  • Business development projects in the energy and telecommunications sectors
  • M&A projects in the disposal industry division of a power supply utility
  • Various Internet projects in the power supply environment
  • Successful participation in allocation proceedings for UMTS licences in Germany
  • Development of a calculation model for non-reciprocal interconnection rates, implementation with more than 25 local carriers
  • Market access projects for new providers in telecommunications markets at home and abroad (review of regulatory situation, licence application, contractual negotiations with respect to interconnection, etc.)
  • Consulting services in conjunction with lobbying and regulatory proceedings relating to broadband advance performance products, including consistency and profit margin calculations for various broadband advance performance products and analysis of price situation on end-user market
  • Enforcement of call-by-call in the local loop for alternative providers
  • Ongoing consulting and advisory services in all issues of site sharing, collocation and access with respect to WLL, mobile communication networks and landlines
  • Consulting services in conjunction with the introduction of the 032 number band for Internet telephony
  • Studies concerning market volume and market shares in Germany in the18 material markets comprising the electronic communications sector
  • Compilation of official opinions within the framework of national consultations with the regulatory authority on market analyses (with reference to broadband markets) to determine considerable market domination (SMP)
  • International benchmark for 15 EU countries in comparison to Germany with reference to line sharing, including pricing of all elements and technical processes of implementing line sharing, in cooperation with Analysys Consulting
  • Economic support in order proceedings and in rate regulation proceedings before regulatory authority
  • Responsibility for carrier management and IC contracts of network operators
  • Start-up planning and implementation for UMTS operator
  • Management of tariff reforms (tariff organisation and supervision of regulatory process)
  • Activities relating to expert reports for carriers and service providers in mobile communications and landline sectors at home and abroad
  • Implementation of technical/organisational processes in conjunction with rights of way and unbundling
  • Definition of legal framework and detailed technical regulations governing infrastructure sharing, in particular mast sharing
  • Assessment and support for developments and processes in conjunction with All IP networks
  • Economic and technical consulting for alternative local carriers in contract and rate negotiations with mobile communications operators
  • Benchmark for mobile communications termination rates in 16 European countries, with 56 operators
  • Comprehensive technical/economic consulting in conjunction with establishment of new business models in mobile radio communications, in particular services provision and MVNO
  • Consulting on draft contracts and during contractual negotiations concerning MVNO agreements and infrastructure sharing agreements for mobile communications carriers in Germany
  • Analysis of RIO of T-Com, submission of comments on to Federal Network Agency (BNetzA)
  • Various workshops on basic technical fundamentals, business models, interconnection, regulatory framework conditions and billing for VoIP, especially adapted to needs of alternative carriers and service providers
  • Workshop on subject of new developments with a view to VoIP and NGN
  • Lectures and workshops on monitoring, IT security and data protection
  • Workshop on basic features of VoIP – in technical, market behaviour, IP-Interconnect, billing and regulation fields
  • Publication of numerous academic articles and papers in periodicals and books in telecommunications sector

We do not only have a purely theoretical knowledge of our subject, but we also have practical experience in those sectors in which we offer our consulting services.

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